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Heavy Equipment Maintenance Is A Daily Chore

As a heavy equipment operator, one of your daily tasks is the maintenance and upkeep of your machine. There is a lot an operator can do each day then ensure their equipment is always ready for action. Daily maintenance also helps to prevent any long term breakdowns that require large dollars to repair.

One important resource that all operators should have is a maintenance handbook and log. The handbook describes the various maintenance tasks that should be performed. The log is a written record of maintenance has been carried and by whom. Obviously the type of heavy equipment you operate will determine what type of maintenance is required.

There are fairly obvious heavy equipment maintenance inspections that should be carried each day. These include checking tires or tracks for wear and tear, checking for any fluid leaks such as oil and hydraulic lines, checking buckets and other attachments for any broken components, particularly teeth on units that have them, and checking electricals such as lights, indicators and horns or sirens.

Other regular maintenance activities may including changing engine oil, topping up brake or hydraulic fluids and changing tires. Simple activities like keeping your heavy equipment relatively clean also plays an important role in the ongoing well being of your equipment.

Learning to operate a piece of heavy equipment does not end with learning the controls. Basic maintenance should also be a part of your ongoing training, first off the job and later on the job. If you ever get into a position where you own your own unit, you quickly come to understand the benefits of regular maintenance and the amount of money it can save you over the long term.

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