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Who Would You Employ?

Construction is one of the largest service industries in the United States. The opportunities in this field for properly trained and ambitious individuals is virtually endless particularly in the area of skilled heavy equipment operators.

However, when a single tire on a piece of heavy equipment costs $50,000 and the machine itself around the million dollar mark, who do you want sitting behind the controls? You have a choice, a complete novice who is going to learn ‘on-the-job’, or someone who has had all the basic training and knows the stop lever from the go, the up from the down and the various safety requirements when operating the equipment.

We spend billions of dollars every year repairing roads, clearing land and preparing construction sites. These tasks are not left to amateurs. Heavy equipment operators that are skilled and competent are able to start and finish a job on time and generally under budget. Not only that, the job is DONE. It doesn’t need more money to do the job again.

As a heavy equipment operator, you bear a heavy responsibility. You it your job to ensure that this work is carried effectively and efficiently so that deadlines and budgets are met. It is the skills you have acquired that help you to achieve this – skills that should be acquired through accredited training at an accredited heavy equipment training school.

We all live in a lucky country. We tend to take our roads for granted, along with water supplies, sewerage, gas and electricity. We look at new building estates, the land cleared and ready to build on. With out our heavy equipment operators we would have very little of this. It would all have to be done by hand or using horse drawn vehicles. The heavy equipment industry provides a career on which the nation is built – who would you trust with this task? Someone trained and qualified to do the job – or someone who thinks they can drive ‘anything’?

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