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Heavy Equipment And Construction Sites

Large scale building constructions sites are a hive of activity. Heavy equipment is more pronounced on these sites than any other building site.

From bare ground, bulldozers go to work and strip it back, clearly all vegetation and loose material. If the ground is soft enough, the bulldozer together with a front end loader will continue to cut away at the surface digging deeper and deeper.

Once the hole is deep enough, cranes go to work lowering construction materials into place. Cranes are often used to lower either completed concrete slabs or huge buckets of ready mix concrete ready for pouring. Steel girders and beams are also lowered.

Pylon drivers may be used to drive pylons into the ground as part of the buildings shell. Cranes continue to work lowering materials as required. Some cranes are able to lift themselves floor by floor as the new building rises from the ground. Once the building has been completed, the cranes are often dis-assembled and brought back to the ground.

Large high rise buildings would not exist if it wasn’t for heavy equipment. If a career as a heavy equipment operator on a construction site appeals to you, check out ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools for a course that may suit you.

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