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Heavy Equipment Job Listings: August 23, 2014

There are just two job listings this week and they are entirely different kinds of jobs in completely different environments. The crane operator in Virginia Beach will be working in a relatively urban area along the Atlantic Ocean. This job might entail a lot of things because crane operators do a wide variety of lifting jobs for many industries. On the other hand, the Grand Junction job is in the middle of the country past the Continental Divide on the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains. The city is well-developed but the landscape is nothing like the beach. Heavy equipment in this location can mean a lot of things, including operating a snow plow to keep the roads open.

Virginia Beach, VA — hiring crane operators

Grand Junction, CO — hiring heavy equipment operators

Once you have your certifications and training from ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School, there are many types of opportunities available in many parts of the country. If you are looking to locate in a different state for any reason, as a graduate of ATS, you can get on the job site at Total Resources Network and look for jobs in that location. If your resume and information are loaded on the site it’s pretty easy to apply. This site is one of the best ways to connect with potential employers and network with others in your industry, no matter where they are located. It’s one of the benefits of being an ATS grad.

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