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Heavy Equipment Becoming Environmentally Friendly

The impression that many of us have of heavy equipment is that of the big yellow beast belching out plumes of black oily smoke and roaring like any elephant. The modern machines are a far cry from this – in fact you could almost call them environmentally friendly. Compared to the past – they definitely are.

One of the biggest changes in modern heavy equipment has been the introduction of electronic engines. This has increased the horsepower whilst reducing emissions and emissions have been the biggest pollutants in our society.

Other changes include, for heavy equipment like loaders, the introduction of fully automatic transmissions. These also help to reduce fuel use but have the added benefit of being long wearing. In fact, extended component life due to lower gear speeds means there are less breakdowns and fewer component replacements required.

Whilst only minor steps in the overall system, every saving, whether it is fuel or components means less manufacturing and reduced pollutants.

If sitting behind the controls of one these modern environmentally friendlier beasts appeals to you then perhaps you should consider a career as a heavy equipment operator.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools can get you that start in a career as a heavy equipment operator. Will deliver accredited training on a broad range of heavy equipment and our job placement program has access to hundreds of employers all looking to take the best that we can deliver.

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