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Heavy Equipment And Job Placement – Is It Important?

People undertake heavy equipment training for a variety of reasons. Some come to us because they have an employment opportunity – they just need the training. Others come along because they want to learn a new piece of heavy equipment. The majority of students want to learn so they can start their new career.

For those in the last group, the real fun begins once they have completed their training and obtained any licenses required. Now its job hunting time and one question always asked, where do I start?

The are a thousand and one places to look for employment opportunities in the heavy equipment field. The first place should be our Job Placement Database. We do help those who complete one of training courses to find employment. We cannot guarantee any jobs of course – but we can put you in touch with employers looking to recruit new operators.

Employers continue to come to us looking for good new operators – perhaps they recognize the quality of our training, or our ability to match suitable recruits with a potential employer – hopefully it is both. For whatever reason, we can provide links to employers wanting recruits.

Our aim is not just training. Our aim is to train and see you successfully employed in a position that suits your skills, life style and aspirations. You need to complete your training and present yourself in the best possible light when talking to prospective employers. As I have mentioned – we cannot guarantee the job – ultimately you have to sell yourself as a reliable and effective heavy equipment operator.

If you can do that, we can provide the employment links and your career as a heavy equipment operator will get a kick start. Your training begins by contacting us at ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools.

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