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Once I Finish My Heavy Equipment Training – Where Do I Find A Job?

Finding employment as a heavy equipment operator is not that difficult these days. There is strong demand for workers in most areas on all types of equipment. You can almost pick your area of specialty; construction, road construction, forestry, mining or one of a dozen different areas.

If you are really keen to get started, you could also check out the Job Placement service at ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools. We don’t just train you, we also help you to find employment. Our success rate is around 80% and continues on indefinitely.

We have a job placement database that you can access to help find the right employer in the right location, and with ten heavy equipment training schools spread around the country, there is bound to be the best job for your situation.

The key to employment success through our job placement service is to register as soon as you start your training. That provides us with plenty of time to match your skills and requirements with employers. As heavy equipment positions are being made available daily, we are constantly on the lookout for a job that suits you.

Employers keep coming back to us for one reason. We provide well trained candidates that are carefully matched to their requirements. That is how we achieve that employment rate of 80%. Check out the training and job placement service and get your career in heavy equipment of to a flying start.

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