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How Important Is Job Placement To You?

Receiving training is one thing, and it is very important, however having a job to go to when you have finished your training is a real bonus.

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools pride themselves on their effective job service. To quote from their website:

Job placement assistance is a priority at all ATSN Schools. All graduates are eligible to receive job placement assistance. Listed below are different aspects of the job placement assistance program. The School’s placement database contains hundreds of employers who hire graduates right out of our school.

Through their database you are able to search for potential employers by state, city, or zip code. If you have a particular region where you would like to work, check out the area on the database. There is nothing more frustrating than developing the skills and being ready to start work only to have spend days and days trying to arrange an interview. ATSN Schools can certainly help you out.

The job coordinator will start working with you from day one of your training course providing you with all the necessary information to find that perfect job. There is also a website where you can advertise your skills and preferred work locations.

Training is only a part of the service. Gaining on the job experience is also necessary to maintain and build your skills. Finding employment is an essential component and ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools are well prepared to help you.

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