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Do You Have The Time To Become Certified?

A lot of times you might hear someone say they just don’t have the time to go through a long training process because they have bills to pay. But you really shouldn’t say things like that without knowing how long certification can actually take. For instance, Mobile Crane Operations – 1 is the ATS beginner level program, and it just takes three weeks. You go from Monday to Friday three times and get NCCCO prep, testing, and certification in both fixed cab mobile cranes (small hydraulic or boom truck) and swing cab mobile cranes (large hydraulic or rough terrain — RT).

Once you successfully complete program 1, if you have the time and want to go further and train for lattice boom (crawler or truck) cranes and articulated (knuckleboom) cranes; it takes another three weeks of Monday through Friday commitment, and by the end, you get another NCCCO certification. That is pretty good for six weeks of class/training time!

Experienced operators who are being paid by a business can take a single week of Monday through Friday NCCCO mobile crane operator prep/test on any two combinations of these mobile crane types. One week to get the certification that verifies your experience and the benefits that come with it. The NCCCO Rigger/Signalperson certification and training takes one week, Monday through Friday, too.

Associated Training Services Heavy Equipment Operator Training School isn’t just a push-you-through and leave-you-hanging operation, either. We provide the best professional crane operator training in the industry and have the graduates to prove it. For more information, call (800) 678-8149 and ask about our crane operator training school, class dates, curriculum, or certifications. In a couple of weeks you could be getting a whole different paycheck.

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