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The Five Steps To Crane Operator Certification

Working as a crane operator has become a little more controlled over the last ten years as more states and more businesses insist on operators obtaining certification before being employed. The various states became involved because of the frequency of accidents. Certification was introduced as an attempt have all operators trained to an industry agreed set of core skills – these skills, of course, included safety issues. How do you obtain a crane operator certification? These five steps show you the way:

  1. Seek out a training company that has NCCCO accreditation to deliver crane operator training
  2. It is also advisable to obtain your training through a company that is accredited by the NCCCO to undertake crane operator assessments and is authorized to issue certification
  3. Complete your training
  4. Undertake and pass the certification assessments (theory and practical)
  5. Issued with crane operator certification

And, yes, it is as straight forward as that. The hard part, of course, is finding a training organization that is accredited to deliver the training and who is also accredited to undertake assessments for certification. Find that combination and the rest is up to your own ability to learn and pass the assessment.

You are in luck. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools are accredited to deliver both the training and the assessments for crane operator certification. Now that you don’t have to look any further, the next question is how much would you like to work as a crane operator? At ATS you can have your training completed in as little as three weeks. This means you can literally be working as a crane operator within a month of starting your training. There are no guarantees, of course. You have to pass the assessments – no one else can do that for you. Complete those steps, and a great career as a crane operator awaits – and you will have the benefit of a crane operator certification behind you.

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