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Why Crane Operator Certifications Have Become Necessary

We have come a long way as a nation. We arrived on this land with very little and over the years we have developed large cities, highways, and a lot of infrastructure. Much of this was done with unskilled or lightly skilled labor – it also came at heavy cost in terms of lives lost. Over the years our workforce has become more sophisticated with workers better skilled and work conditions far better than years ago.

Although our workforce was better skilled, loss of life and serious injuries still plagued the workplace. In an effort to reduce this, governments at state and federal level have introduced laws making it mandatory for certain workers to undertake training in specific areas. Safety is one area and in most states employees must complete safety training before commencing work on a construction site. Part of this push to improve safety included heavy equipment operators and crane operators.

Crane operators must now be certified to operate a crane before they can be employed. Certification in theory verifies that the holder of the certificate has met a minimum set of skills and knowledge of safety as it applies to crane operations. You can undertake crane operator training through any training body, however, certification can only be achieved through accredited organizations. With this in mind, it makes sense to undertake training through an organization that is also accredited to assess graduates for certification.

ATS Crane Operator Schools have a long and proud history of taking unskilled individuals and training them to not only perform well as crane operators, but to also have long and successful careers in the industry. Naturally, to be employed as a crane operator, ATS graduates can also undertake assessment for accreditation. This provides employers with proof that you meet the minimum requirements to be a successful crane operator.

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