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Do You Need Crane Operator Re-Certification?

Crane operators are now required to obtain certification in most states before being allowed onto a jobsite to operate a crane. Certification is a process that verifies an operator’s ability to operate a crane, and their knowledge of safety issues surrounding the setup and operation of a crane. Crane operator certification has been introduced to try and reduce the number of accidents that occur each year, some resulting in the loss of life.

ATS Crane Operator Training Schools has a variety of training and certification programs available for new operators, existing operators, and most importantly, operators looking to return to the profession after a sojourn in other fields. Those operators looking to return should be looking for training programs that can refresh their existing knowledge while bringing them up to date with the latest in technology and safety aspects. These operators will most likely not have undertaken any certification process in the past, and for those who have, they will need to consider re-certification prior to seeking employment.

In most states, employers will not even consider employment for operators who are not currently certified. ATS offers certification through the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), one of the most highly respected certifications in the industry. NCCCO certification meets all federal and state safety requirements and is achieved through a specific assessment process.

If you are considering returning to work as a crane operator, or have been working as a crane operator, then ATS can help you achieve your certification as a crane operator. If you require more information on crane operator certification, then check out our web pages on the subject.

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