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Crane Operator Certifications For Old Hands

If you’ve worked as a crane operator in the past and you’re considering moving back into the profession, you will have to consider many of the changes that have occurred in recent years. One of the biggest changes is that, in most states, crane operators are now required to be certified to a set of national standards. Technology has also improved so you may even require some retraining in order to pass certification assessments.

Retraining is an easy three week program that covers everything required to complete your certification tests and to receive certification. While basic crane operations will always remain the same, there are some areas that have now been taken over by computers. A good example is load monitoring. This is an alarm system that warns the operator when the computers have discovered an issue with the load.

Certification is awarded to those operators who complete the NCCCO-based written and practical examinations. The NCCCO (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators) crane operator certification is one of the most widely recognized crane operator certifications available. Without this certification, operators are not allowed inside the cab of a working crane.

Associated Training Services (ATS) is one of our nation’s largest and most respected crane schools. While training operators is our core business, we are also accredited to undertake the examinations set out by the NCCCO for crane operator certification. This provides students (or former operators) with a clear path from training through to certification and then employment (via our Career Services department).

If you’re a former crane operator looking to return to the profession, or a rank novice looking to start a career, ATS has the skill, experience, and accreditation to help you achieve those goals.

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