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Crane Operator Training – Don’t Let The Word ‘Certified’ Scare You

Years ago, being certified often meant being locked up in a mental institution. These days, certified is a term applied to those who receive recognition for their skills and abilities, often through the receipt of a certificate. Current work place regulations force employers to only hire crane operators who have been certified – that is, certified as competent to safely operate a crane.

If you attend formal crane operator training, then you should have direct access to the crane operator certification process. If you don’t, it may be wiser to seek training elsewhere. The ATS crane operator training program includes the option to undertake the certification processes at the conclusion of your training – and it all happens on our campus.

What does the certification process involve? It’s really very straightforward. You will be tested on your skills operating the crane, and tested on your knowledge of crane operations and workplace safety. Having just completed your training, this should all be fresh in mind and a piece of cake to complete. Once you satisfy all the requirements, you will receive certification, making you eligible to work as a crane operator – and your certification is recognized nationwide.

No one likes to sit for tests, however, with the right training and a little application to that training, crane operator certification tests are not something to fear. If you can complete your training satisfactorily, then you’ll breeze through these tests. Interested in becoming a certified crane operator? Come and talk to us – we can take you through the whole process – from initial training all the way through to certification. We’ll even help you find your first job as a crane operator.

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