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Why Crane Operator Certification Is A Must

Some people ask why crane operator certification is worth the effort. Operating a crane is one of the most demanding jobs on a construction site with some cranes able to lift loads of 300 tons. Can you imagine having a 300 ton load slipping from the crane’s grasp? There would be two effects (probably more). The first, of course, is the 300-ton load hitting the ground – it would be a like a mini-earthquake for blocks. The second effect could be just as catastrophic. With the load suddenly released, the crane’s hook would suddenly spring back in the reverse direction – this could actually topple the crane itself.

That may give you some indication as to why crane operator certification is worth the effort. If you need any more convincing, you may consider that in many states, certification is a requirement before you can step into a crane’s cab. Safety isn’t the only reason for obtaining certification. From one perspective, whilst crane safety is very important, having a qualification that is recognized throughout the country has to be an important consideration.

In the past, a crane operator who was qualified to operate in one state may not have been considered qualified in a neighboring state. Too bad if you lived close to the state lines and could work on either side. With a qualification that is universal around the country, not only are you ready to work anywhere, your certification is valid anywhere.

Having a portable qualification is one of the best weapons you can have in your skills toolbox. It means that even in hard times, you are able to find employment somewhere. If you are undertaking crane operator training, don’t forget to sit for your crane operator certification at the conclusion of your training. If your training provider doesn’t offer it – then change provider. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools are accredited to deliver crane operator training to deliver crane operator certification testing at the conclusion of your training. Everything under the one roof – what more could you ask for?

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