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Green Jobs In The Construction Industry Set To Bloom

The number of ‘green jobs’ in the construction industry is set to increase dramatically over the next few years. President Obama has promised 5 million new green construction jobs over the next ten years and backed it up with a $150 billion investment.

Green jobs will involve the use of heavy equipment in a lot of situations particularly when it comes to the clearing and rehabilitation of areas. Mining is one sector that is now being required to ‘clean up’ and rehabilitate as it goes. Demand for bulldozer and loader operators will be one area that will see a significant rise in employment demand.

The building of roads, bridges, water and power infrastructure will be another area of growth for green jobs in the construction industry. Green job employment is still new and starting to gather momentum. Understanding the requirements for employment as a green conscious heavy equipment operator is becoming a must – operators at present can often add a premium to their wages by working in green construction sector.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools deliver training that enables an individual to graduate with a set of skills that can be used to successfully apply for green jobs in the construction industry. ATS has seen many changes in the construction industry and, with 45 years of training experience, has been well placed to quickly incorporate changes into our training programs.

If you want to work in the heavy equipment field and at the same time make a contribution to a cleaner, brighter and healthier future, then contact us to discuss your training preferences to enable you to apply for green jobs in the construction industry.

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