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Front Loaders Make Dollars and Sense

What are front loaders and why would you want to drive one? Front loaders are also known as front-end loaders and sometimes simply as loaders. They are a great piece of heavy equipment, with an enormous range of functionality. They come in a number of different sizes to suit the tasks that they are required to perform and the locations that they are being used in.

The typical front loader has a wide bucket that is made for moving material. That is their primary function, moving loads from one place to another. The bucket is mistaken, by many people that are unfamiliar with heavy equipment, to be a bulldozer blade. In fact, bulldozers and front loaders have little in common (though a blade can be fitted to a front loader to turn it into a light dozer).

A range of different hydraulic attachments make front loaders suitable for a range of tasks. They are wheeled, not tracked, so they are easy to use in built up environments. Being wheeled, they don’t have nearly as much power as a heavy tracked bulldozer, but they get most jobs done quickly. Wheels make front loaders maneuverable and faster moving, and it is for these reasons that they are so popular.

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