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Finding Bulldozer Operator Jobs In The Middle Of Winter

There is a misconception that construction grinds to a halt in the middle of winter and that jobs like bulldozer operations dry up. The contrary is the case. Sure, there are some areas where construction cannot continue. Heavy snow is one example. However, where there is heavy snow there is a need for snow plow operators and bulldozer operators are perfect candidates for those jobs.

Snow, of course, is not the only problem that winter brings. Heavy rain can also cause problems and slow construction down. These problems are not, however, nationwide. Whilst one area may slow down because of winter, other areas keep working. In fact, a job as a bulldozer operator means you can literally follow the sun. You can work as far north as Alaska in the summer then move south as winter approaches.

Whilst construction may slow in some areas, mining keeps operating almost year round. Farms still require the services of bulldozer operators when clearing land and many developers use the winter period to clear and subdivide land ready for construction in the spring. In some areas, bulldozer operators are more in demand in winter than in spring or summer.

Completing a heavy equipment training program now makes sense if you’re interested in becoming a bulldozer operator. There is work around, much of it fairly basic, which is exactly what a new graduate needs to begin with. By starting with basic bulldozer jobs, you can gain the experience, and hours behind the controls, that many construction companies like to see before hiring bulldozer operators for more challenging roles. Contact ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools now for more information and start the new year with a new career on the way.

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