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How Do I Become A Bulldozer Operator?

I could be glib and tell you to sign up for one of our heavy equipment training programs. Of course, becoming a bulldozer operator is not quite as easy as that. Mind you, it’s not all that difficult either. Let’s have a look at the steps required:

  • Desire – you have to have a desire to work as a bulldozer operator. You’re here reading this so that is a start.
  • Training – you will never get any job these days without some form of training. Completing a heavy equipment operator course only takes three weeks so the training commitment is not huge.
  • Experience – experience has two components – in the cab and on the job. Your training provider should give you as much experience as possible inside the cab. On completion of your training you should look around to see what on the job experience you can get.
  • Employment – once you have completed your training and gained some experience you can call yourself a bulldozer operator and gain employment wherever opportunities exist.

There are many employers around who will let you gain your experience whilst employed as full-fledged bulldozer operators. There are other operators who may take you on for a trial period allowing you to gain some experience in the type of work they do. If you are up to it they will then take you on permanently.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools have a good reputation for producing well trained heavy equipment operators. We also have a job placement service to help you find that first job. Becoming a bulldozer operator is not that difficult – you just need the desire and to then sign up for one of our heavy equipment training courses.

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