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Find A Job As A Heavy Equipment Operator

There are two important parts to finding a job at anything, and heavy equipment jobs are no different. These two parts are preparation and connections, and unless you have them it’s probably not going to happen.


If you are planning on becoming a professional, the best thing to do is get professional training and the appropriate certifications, right? There’s a good reason for that: if two equally experienced candidates apply for the same job, the one with the legitimacy of an accredited training is probably going to be the one to get that job.

It also helps to have the “soft skills” that get you through the hiring process, like writing a resume, filling out electronic or paper applications, and interview skills. These may not have anything to do with heavy equipment but they have a great deal to do with getting hired. Employment Assistance at ATS works with students on these skills so that they can get through the process and get on the work site.

Find A Job Connection

The second part of finding a job is the connections that are made with other professionals, or what many call “networking”. Graduates of ATS programs are able to make these connections at the job site, a placement website where individuals in the skilled trade industries can network with each other and find employment, companies can find personnel, and training providers can serve their customers.

There’s a huge database that’s constantly being updated with resumes and applications from job seekers, openings from companies, and more. It’s a perfect place to make the connections that lead to professional growth and that next job.

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