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Green Job, Growing Opportunities

A green job using heavy equipment usually is thought of as being pretty destructive, right? Bulldozers doze, graders scrape, excavators make huge holes and trenches, and it has a huge impact on the environment. But it can be a positive impact because a skilled operator knows how to use their machine to do the job that’s needed with the least amount of damage.

What is a Green Job?

Green jobs encourage the use of renewable energy sources like geothermal, solar, nuclear, hydroelectric, and wind energy. If you have ever driven to Buffalo, New York and seen the massive wind turbines scattered to the southeast, you’ll see that even though those turbines are big and numerous, there’s land being farmed around them. You can see the big blades for miles before you see that they tower over many acres of crops. This is one example of a minimal disruption of the land with maximum energy returns and it took heavy equipment to do it.

The Green Job Initiative is designed to create a greater demand for heavy equipment operators who are able to meet the challenge of working in alternative energy industries. President Barak Obama signed this legislation opening 5 billion jobs, and many of them are going to be challenging, exciting, and satisfying careers for ATS grads.

Being trained with an eye on the future is what Green Jobs is all about, and that fits right in with the idea that it takes professionals with the best certifications and training to do the job with the least negative impact on the environment that we will all be living in. It’s good for the environment, good for the industry, and good for your job prospects as an ATS grad.

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