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4 Ways to Make More Money

Who doesn’t want to increase their income and make more money? It’s the American dream in action on the job site. You apply for a job, get hired, and negotiate your salary. In time, you should see your income go up. But there’s more than one way to skin that cat.

Here are 4 ways to ensure your income from operating heavy equipment goes up, not down:

  1. Get promoted – The most obvious way to see your income go up as a heavy equipment operator is to get a promotion. Once you enter management, you’ll get a substantial raise and likely an increase in benefits, too. Get promoted into a supervisory role as soon as you can.
  2. Establish seniority – Another way to ensure your income goes up is to stay employed with the same employer for a while. Longevity produces cost-of-living income increases. Plus, many employers reward excellent employees with pay raises, safety bonuses, and other monetary perks.
  3. Multiple certifications – You can increase your income just by obtaining additional certifications. Get your CDL, mobile crane operators certification, or riggers certification and you’ll instantly be in more demand. You can then ask for more money for your skills.
  4. Freelance – You’ll make a lot more money if you work for yourself. If you can afford to buy your own equipment, you can hire yourself as a freelance heavy equipment operator. This is the best way to earn top dollar, but you will be responsible for your own insurance, marketing, and ongoing training.

What ways can you think of to increase your income as a heavy equipment operator?

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