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Employment Prospects For Crane Operators Looks Good

As the construction industry continues to expand the need for suitably qualified crane operators grows. Although the construction is sensitive to changes in economic conditions, the number of job openings is expected to rise due to the aging work force.

The pay rates for crane operators varied depending on the type of work required. Those working on high rise buildings earning considerably more than those operating the smaller cranes. Pay rates in 2006 were between $15 and $25 per hour with a median of around $19.

Growth in employment is expected to be around 3% per year, however when you take into account the flow of workers in and out of the industry, it is expected that around 5% of will need to be trained on an annual basis.

Crane operators are in high demand across the country with pay rates well above national averages. Employers are preferring to hire new employees that are already trained in crane operations and are ready to be productive from day one.

If a rewarding and lucrative career as a crane operator sounds good to you, then perhaps you should investigate training to gain the skills required to find employment. ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools have an impressive record in the training and employment of all heavy equipment operators include crane operators.

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