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A Day In The Life Of A Mobile Crane Operator

A mobile crane operators job can be hectic generally starting each day at the yard where you pick up your work schedule for the day.

Once you have your work schedule, you will need to give the mobile crane a quick but thorough maintenance and safety check. Obviously, you need to get it done before you get out on the job – it’s no good finding a problem on the job and having to return to the yard.

Jobs for mobile crane operators are generally short, often completed in half a day, or a full day at the most. Once you arrive at the job you will need to quickly assess the situation, the ground you will be operating on and what is to be lifted. You will probably have to set blocks to balance and brace the crane.

If required, you will need to assemble some of the crane’s rigging. Once completed, and the crane has been set up to perform the task, you are set to go. Using either radio and/or hand signals, you can start to actually do the job. This requires good hand/eye/feet coordination as they are all used to manipulate the crane.

Once the job has been completed, you will need to reverse many of the above steps. There will also be paper work to complete. Possibly a job sheet or work order and a log book. Then it’s either off to the next job, or back to the yard.

It may not sound exciting, but a mobile crane operators jobs are varied and interesting and can often test your skills. Thorough training is required to operate a mobile crane proficiently to get the job done. ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools can help you acquire those skills and start a career as a mobile crane operator.

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  1. Hi my dad is obsessed with cranes and crane operating. He is a very mechanical man. He owns an auto repair shop and loves flying as well. I was wondering if there would be a way to set up a day in the life of a crane operator for him as a gift. I know this is probably a stretch but I thought I would ask.

    1. I’m sorry but we can’t offer the course as a gift, you would have to pay or apply for financial assistance. Thank you.

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