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Is It Getting Easier To Finance Heavy Equipment Training?

Obtaining finance for heavy equipment training has never really been difficult for those who have reasonable credit histories. For people who are out of work or disadvantaged in other ways, there have been government-funded programs to pay for training. There are even training benefits available for the service personnel and their families. As with every society, there are probably individuals who have fallen between the cracks, not eligible for government-funded programs, and not having a sound credit history.

Credit is becoming a little easier and financial institutions are again realizing the worth of career loans, especially those that lead to viable employment relatively quickly. That is one of the benefits of training in areas like truck driving, heavy equipment, and crane operations – the training can be completed in as little as three weeks and graduates ready for entry level employment almost immediately. For lenders, the sooner the lender is in the workplace earning, the sooner the loan is repaid.

If you may be worried that your credit history could make a loan difficult, you have a number of options. The first is to request a copy of your credit history – with that in hand you can verify its accuracy and perhaps determine whether or not there are negative reports. Your second option is to fill in our application for credit – we will have an answer back to you within 48 hours (perhaps a little longer over the holiday period).

Financing heavy equipment training is not that difficult. We at ATS endeavor to do as much as possible to make your funding options easier so talk to us if you have any concerns.

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