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Dump Trucks The Real Work Horses

The real work horse on any construction site has to be the dump truck. They work tirelessly all day every day carting loads of rubbish, building materials and rocks and placing it where it belongs. They may be called dump trucks, and they certainly do ‘dump’ their load, but their nothing careless about the way they do it.

Driving a dump truck takes some skill. At times you may be required to undertake a measured release of your load, for example when dumping stone, sand or gravel along the length of a new stretch or road. The more controlled and measured the release, the less work for the rest of the team.

Dump trucks are the beasts of burden. They bring in building materials at the start of a job. The work to move earth and rock that has been excavated from the site and when the job is almost completed, they are involved with the removal of all the rubbish and building materials that have been left behind.

Being a dump truck driver is probably every little boy’s dream (many girls too). You see them as children driving their dump trucks in their sand pits. Driving a real one is very similar, they are just so much larger.

To gain the skills to drive a dump truck you need training and the best place to acquire that training is through ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools. We will provide you with all the skills required to obtain your commercial driving license.

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