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Heavy Equipments Big Dumper

A dumper is often a diesel powered vehicle used to carry loads and material around, often on building sites. Older dumpers steer by turning their back wheels. They had no electric or hydraulic parts and thus has not much that can easily go wrong. The skip was secured by a catch near the driver’s feet which, when released, allowed the skip to tip under the weight of its contents.

Modern dumpers often steer by articulating at the middle of the chassis. They have a host of electric and electronic components with hydraulics and are more expensive to make and operate.

Their skips have power tipping and often lift as they tip. In the 1990s dumpers with swivel skips, which could be rotated to tip out sideways, became popular, especially for working in narrow sites such as road works.

Dumpers are specialized equipment that may require specialized training. However, the basic training required is often no different to that of a truck driver or dozer operator. To gain training in all aspects of heavy equipment contact us at ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools.

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