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Dump Truck Training For A Career That’s Always In Demand

If I was asked which careers offered the best long term opportunities I would have to point to the transport sector. No matter how tough times are, we still eat and we still consume and that requires transport. The alternative is that we all learn to grow our own food – and, realistically, most people wouldn’t know where to start so we have farmers do it for us. With transport comes the second requirement – road and rail. So where do dump trucks come in?

Although roads are one of the mainstays of the transport system, when times are really tough, new construction slows a little. Instead, we repair what’s already in place. If you take the time to watch repair crews, they always consist of one or more dump trucks, even if it’s just to carry the mix used to repair roads. In fact, if you look around you, dump trucks always seem to be on our roads either carting material away or bringing in materials.

Dump truck training is a little more specialized than just truck driver training. Reversing a large dump truck can be difficult, especially if you have a pit or pit face that you have to tip your load over. A foot too far and the whole truck’s in the pit – a foot too far away and you’re dumping the load on the edge and not over the edge. Dump truck drivers also have to learn the art of slowly dumping material while driving – this helps to spread the load rather than dumping it all in the one spot and relying on another vehicle to do the spreading.

If you’re after a career that is always in demand, consider a career as a dump truck driver. You will always be busy – and the pay checks are not too bad either.

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