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Department Of Labor And Heavy Equipment Training

The Department Of Labor has a good site that provides a lot of information for anyone looking to work in the construction industry. They have a special section for those looking to work with heavy equipment and the training and certification required.

Most of the information points to school leavers entering apprenticeships. However there is one section that deals with private training and it makes for interesting reading. One section is particularly important:

[source]Certification and other qualifications. Mechanical aptitude and experience operating related mobile equipment, such as farm tractors or heavy equipment, in the Armed Forces or elsewhere is an asset. Operators need to be in good physical condition and have a good sense of balance, the ability to judge distance, and eye-hand-foot coordination. Some operator positions require the ability to work at heights.

Certification or training in the right school will allow a worker to have opportunities across the country. While attending some vocational schools, operators are able to qualify for or attain various certifications. These certifications prove to potential employers that an operator is able to handle specific types of equipment. Certifications last from 3 to 5 years and must be renewed.

The article reiterates some of the information we passed on in earlier posts. One line stands out and relates to ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools – training in the right school will allow a worker to have opportunities across the country.

To receive certification the heavy equipment training school itself needs to be accredited. If you are looking for training, make sure the training organization has accreditation from an authorized body.

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