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Most Popular Heavy Equipment – Think Yellow

Most people, when they think of heavy equipment, they think of those large machines they see on construction sites. And generally speaking they are thinking yellow. Yellow of course is the traditional color for the Caterpillar breed of heavy equipment.

Over the years they were certainly one of the most popular machines and for a long time they were the leader when it came to capabilities.

These days Caterpillar are not the only manufacturer around – in fact they are probably no longer the leaders when it comes to new technology in heavy equipment.

One thing you can be assured of in this day and age, no matter how old or new these heavy equipment construction machines are, once you learn how to operate one of them competently, you can hop into any other with ease.

Heavy equipment operation is fairly standardized these days. Get the right training and you have a career for life. The right training – check out ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools for our quality no fuss heavy equipment training.

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