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Demolished In Sixty Seconds – Sounds Like An Excavator At Work

Excavators have become popular equipment on demolition sites, especially those that come equipped with long reach arms. By using the longer reach, an operator can pull down walls and clear rubble while keeping the cab (and the operator) safely out of harms way. Excavators also come with a variety of attachments available, attachments that can make the demolition of a building over and done with in quick time.

Working on a demolition site can be quite different to working on a construction site. Often, explosives have been used to implode the building. This means that walls and other strength areas will be much weaker and susceptible to collapsing at any time. Excavator operators have to maneuver carefully through these areas so the building can be demolished in an ordered and orderly fashion.

Operating an excavator involves a high level of concentration. It also requires a basic set of heavy equipment operator skills – skills that can be further developed over time to a point where working on a demolition site is standard for the operator’s abilities.

Gaining the basic knowledge and skills to operate an excavator isn’t really difficult. In as little as three short weeks, ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools can have you trained and ready to start work as a trained heavy equipment operator – even on an excavator. As for the demolition team, it may take a little more experience before you can start demolishing – but it certainly sounds like a lot of fun. Every job has it’s up side, for excavators, it has to be the role of demolishing old buildings.

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