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Custom Training For Heavy Equipment Operators

There are times when standard training is not specific enough to cover certain tasks in a workplace. While heavy equipment operators can normally acquire the skills required to succeed through a broad-based heavy equipment training program, there are some industries that have very specialized roles for their heavy equipment. Normally, the only way to acquire these specialized skills is through a specialized or custom-designed training program.

Customized training starts with a customized training program. Most training organizations use training programs that have been designed off site so their training staff have little, if any, experience in designing a customized training program. To design a program that is specific to a particular workplace, a training program designer will need to inspect the workplace, define the skills required to perform the work, and to then design a training program that delivers those skills.

While that may sound easy, in practice it isn’t. Designing a custom training program also needs to take into account factors such as:

  • Time – How long will the training take?
  • Prerequisites – What skills should a trainee already possess?
  • Equipment – The equipment required to learn these skills.
  • Location – The best place to learn – at the workplace or at the trainer’s campus?
  • Cost – When developing a custom training program, the end cost must cover the training school’s cost whilst remaining affordable for the employer.

That is a tightly woven set of requirements that must be considered while designing the training itself. Associated Training Services has a long history in delivering specialized training including training for:

  • NCCCO Crane Operator Training, Testing and Certification
  • OSHA Compliant Rigging; Signal Person Training, Testing and Qualification
  • NCCER Heavy Equipment Training, Testing and Qualification
  • Class-A CDL Commercial Driver Training, Testing and Licensing

If you require specialized training for your work crew, contact ATS for an expert assessment of your training options.

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