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Customized Training For Your Heavy Equipment Workers

There are a lot of workplaces that require operators of heavy equipment and cranes to have specific skills to that industry, or to a specific job. The same can be said for those employing truck drivers, riggers or signal persons. For some businesses, they are moving into areas that are relatively new, having secured contracts they have tended for.

Being able to train your employees to do specific tasks with heavy equipment can be time consuming, and not very cost effective if you do it yourself. Associated Training Services (ATS) have been delivering customized training in areas such as heavy equipment operations, crane operations, truck driving (including CDL training) and rigger/signal person for almost half a century.

We are able to walk into a workplace, assess the training needs of that workplace, then deliver cost-effective training based on those needs. Where appropriate, ATS can undertake assessments of those individuals to ensure they receive the right documentation – for example, certification of crane operators.

ATS work with employers to ensure the training outcomes meet all the demands that operating their equipment may deliver, including safety aspects of their equipment. Training can be delivered at the workplace or in one of our facilities. Workplace training is often effective because the operators are learning using the equipment they are going to be operating.

Is it cost effective? In the majority of cases, most definitely. By engaging a professional training organization like ATS, your employees receive quality training that is focused on the employer’s needs. Skilled trainers are able to identify weaknesses quickly and to work those showing a weakness to ensure maximum productivity with lower down time due to accident or poor performance.

If you’re an employer with specific training needs when it comes to heavy equipment – cranes, truck driving or rigging/signal persons – then contact ATS for a no-obligation discussion on how we can assist you to obtain the best out of your employees.

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