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Crane Operator Training The First Step To An Interesting Career

Whilst some consider a career operating cranes as boring, mobile crane operators would certainly argue otherwise. Being mobile, they spend time on the road traveling from job to job, and for the very large cranes, that can be hundreds of miles. Not only do mobile crane operators travel around a lot, they are also doing very different work all the time.

Every job has its boring aspect. Raising and lowering pipes into a trench is not exactly a test of ones skills. However, tomorrow, you could be helping to pull a car out of a river, and that may well test you out. If you can think of a task where a crane could be required to offer assistance, then you almost guarantee a mobile crane is the tool of choice.

One of the most interesting jobs that has caught our eyes in recent years is the case of the grossly overweight woman who needed to be transported to a hospital. There was no way an ambulance stretcher could get her down a staircase, and there was no way she could walk down, so a crane was called in to help workers first, make the window opening much larger, and secondly, to help lower her to the ground.

Mobile crane operators do have interesting careers. They are well paid, and there is always plenty of demand for well trained operators. Crane operator training can be completed in as little as three weeks, and once you have passed your crane operator certification assessments, you are ready to start your first job. If you’re interested in a career as a crane operator, then contact us at Associated Training Schools – it’s the first step to a great career as a mobile crane operator.

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