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Become A Certified Crane Operator In Just Four Weeks

How many careers can you think of that only require three weeks of training? Add to this a couple of extra days to go through the certification process and your career is ready to be launched. That’s all it takes to become a certified crane operator, and yes, certification is now a requirement in the workplace.

While cranes do look to be complex, their operations are fairly straightforward. A lot of your training time is spent developing knowledge in the area of safety, and assessing both the work location and the load. The actual crane operation is fairly easy to learn. When it comes to certification, this is centered around safety, and an operator’s ability to safely set up and operate a crane.

It’s strange how, in a fast-paced society, we look at short training programs and wonder whether or not they produce the goods. When it comes to crane operator training, it does produce the goods and we have tens of thousands of former students who have successfully completed their training. Those graduates have gone on to operate a wide variety of cranes in a number of different industries, and their success is based on their desire to learn, and our ability to deliver the right training.

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools has a long history of training individuals for employment in the heavy equipment industry, truck driving, and crane operations. We continue to work with the major stakeholders in these industries to ensure the training we deliver produces operators that are immediately employable following their graduation. For crane operators, that training is over three weeks. Nationally recognized certification assessments can be completed following your graduation and a certificate issued upon your successful completion of those assessments.

Crane operators are always in demand. If you are interested in a career as a crane operator, be sure your crane operator training is comprehensive, delivers the right skills for industry, and prepares you well for those important assessments. If everything comes together well, you’ll be employable as a crane operator in less than four weeks – forget those six or twelve month training programs for a new career.

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