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Choosing A Career As A Mobile Crane Operator

Becoming a crane operator is not everyone’s idea of the ideal job and mobile cranes are probably even less popular as careers. For many people, the life of a crane operator appears to be quite boring. Sure, they are kept busy all day, but they are repeating the same thing time after time. To an extent, they are right. However, ask any crane operator and they will tell you that every lift is different, even if it’s the same type of load.

When it comes to mobile cranes, the work is not quite so boring. In fact, it can be quite interesting. On a building site, a standard crane sits in the one spot and just repeatedly lift materials. For a mobile crane operator, every day is a new day and brings with it a new job. In fact, as an operator, you could have several different jobs in several different locations, all on the one day.

If you are considering a career as a mobile crane operator, don’t use the life of a construction crane operator as a guide. Mobile cranes are out and about, on the road, moving from one job to another, often at a moments notice if there has been an emergency of some kind. Mobile crane operators also require good skills in setting up and standing down a crane very quickly.

Crane operator training is a short three week training program that prepares graduates for assessment for certification as crane operators. Certification is a nationally recognized, and soon to be a nationally required, recognition of the skills and training of crane operators.

ATS Crane Operator Schools has been at the forefront of crane operator training for several decades. During this time we have developed close relationships with employers of mobile crane operators. We know what skills and attributes they look for in new recruits so we design our training program to deliver just that – skilled graduates ready for the workplace.

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