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Specialized Crane Operator Training For Specialist Employers

If you’re a business that employs crane operators to do specialist tasks then forming an alliance with an experienced and accredited training provider can make a lot of sense. Alliances enable employers to build a relationship that delivers quality training to their employees, often at a cost far less than if the employer was to deliver the training themselves.

Training providers like ATS Crane Operator Schools do the hard work in developing training programs, training materials and gaining accreditation for both their training program and their training delivery. They can also gain accreditation to deliver assessments and certification of crane operators under the umbrella of the National Commission For The Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO).

These can all be costly processes to go through and, unless you are training a hundred or more operators each year, not very cost effective. Internal training costs are exploding these days, particularly when operators (like crane operators) are faced with compulsory certification. Many large businesses are now finding that the cost of training is moving beyond being viable as an internal process so they are instead outsourcing their training requirements.

By developing informal partnerships with training providers, the individual cost of training is reduced yet the training delivered is still tailored to their specific requirements. At ATS Crane Operators Schools, we have dedicated training staff that can deliver crane operator training at one of our training schools, or on your site if that is more practical. It becomes a win-win situation for employers – their employees are trained to operate the equipment on hand using techniques that are often unique to that business niche. The costs are reduced with one whole department (training) effectively outsourced for someone else to worry about. For your employees, they are receiving the skills that continue to make them valuable employees to your business.

If you employ crane operators, particularly in specialist situations, or in areas that are considered remote, then contact ATS Crane Operator Schools to discuss forming a training relationship.

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