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Certification, It is Life Changing

Our instructors here at Associated Training Services are well aware of what life is like for people without certification. They have lived and worked in the real world as heavy equipment operators. They have worked at various worksites around the country as they perfected the skills that they now teach to our students.

Life with certification is dramatically different. Workers without certification are expendable. It is a sad fact that people that do so much of the work for the construction industry have such a difficult lot. Construction companies cannot afford to keep a permanent unskilled labor force, so when there are lulls between projects, workers are often let go. For workers without certification, day to day existence is precarious to say the least. People do it and some people make a very good living at it, but for the majority, it is not a lot of fun.

Getting your heavy equipment certification can change all of that and it can change your working conditions too. The skilled workforce is a fraction of the size of the unskilled workforce. You will find it much easier to find jobs as there is less competition. Certification proves that you have the competence to handle machines and tasks that unskilled workers cannot. This makes your position in a company stronger, allows you to draw higher wages and puts you in a lighter job. Operating heavy equipment can be hard work, make no mistake about it, but it is a lot easier than doing that same work without the equipment. It is work that most people are able to do for the full length of their career.

If you are interested in obtaining heavy equipment certification, contact us at Associated Training Services. We pride ourselves in helping regular people find their way into extraordinary careers.

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