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Bradley Center

Bradley Center Demolition

MILWAUKEE, WI. - The former home of the National Basketball Association (NBA) Milwaukee Bucks had its roof demolition on Sunday, January 13. Demolition crews used explosives to take down the facility’s roof. Crews have been slowly taking down the facility…

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Construction Projects

Construction Projects Are Underway

Several major construction projects have been announced recently. The largest project getting underway is the Time Square development which is budgeted for $2.5 billion. The TSX Broadway project is set to start construction by Winter 2019. This project will include…

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Disaster Cleanup

Cleaning up after disasters

When natural disasters strike, from Hurricanes across Texas to mudslides in California, the news reports are full of information, shocking images, and stories of tragedy and heroism alike. However, such is the pace of the world we live in today,…

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