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Hwy 151 construction

Rebuilding project in Sun Prairie, WI

Progress continues with the HWY 151 rebuilding project

All over the country, large-scale roadworks are taking place to ensure that the essential transport links that keep goods moving are maintained. One such project is the Highway 151 rebuilding project in Sun Prairie, WI, which covers the road between Sun Prairie to Beaver Dam. This significant project covers a considerable length of the highway and this first stage aims to replace southbound pavement and shoulders, while the northbound will be patched and resurfaced, and bridgework improvements will be carried out at the same time. Further stages which are expected to commence between 2019 and 2025 include extending turn lanes and other roadway redesigns.

The rebuilding construction project began on May 1st, 2018, and has progressed on schedule since. One of the interesting things about this operation is the scheduling has allowed the work to take place without significant traffic impact. While turnoffs are out of use and require a short detour, in general, the traffic has been allowed to flow smoothly all through construction.

The site itself features a large number of heavy machines in use daily, including dozers, graders, rollers and wheel loaders, and represents a significant opportunity for Wisconsin heavy machinery operators, who are enjoying increased demand for their skills. It is important to remember the importance of trained professional operators and their ability to operate machines safely in any conditions, even among flowing traffic as they do every day on this project.

For the construction industry, this is a rebuilding project that highlights the opportunity for heavy machinery operators today, not just in this project, but in similar ones all over the country, offering a great chance to build a career, while also being part of a country-wide initiative that is rebuilding the country to give America the infrastructure it needs for the 21st century. Because of projects like this one, heavy machinery operators are in high demand, and the surge in road construction provides a fantastic platform for new operators to begin their careers. With this project continuing on through stages over the next 6 years, and similar projects in almost every county and state, this is a demand that is not going to reduce any time soon.

If you are rebuilding your current career, or even starting your first career, training to become a heavy machinery operator is an exceptional investment in yourself and an industry that is growing quickly. Well-paid, reliable work that employers are actively looking for, and operator skills are a great way to grab that new opportunity.

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