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Are You Looking For Career Options For Your Clients?

With the economy starting to rebuild, a lot of individuals are resorting to agencies to help them rebuild their own lives. If you’re an agency operator, or perhaps an agency employee – have you considered referring your clients to a career as a heavy equipment operator, truck driver or crane operator? With a lot of money being thrown into construction at present the need for operators and drivers is growing substantially.

Heavy equipment careers are not restricted by age, gender or race, making these careers one of the true non-discriminatory work-forces around. Average incomes for these careers range from $35,000 for commercial truck drivers, around $37,000 for heavy equipment operators and $39,000 for crane operators. Top operators can earn in excess of $60,000 per year making them one of the best paid in the industry.

There are several benefits to referring your clients to ATS Heavy Equipment Schools. Training can be completed in three weeks and ATS has a follow up job placement program designed to help graduates find employment in their chosen field. For agencies looking for outcomes, placing clients into training where the training provider also helps to find employment can be a real bonus – the training provider is doing a lot of the work for you.

If you think you may have clients that could be well suited to careers in heavy equipment, crane operations or truck driving, contact us for an agency pack that contains a video, brochure and other relevant information to help you and your clients select the right training program for their future.

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