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Career Foundation In Heavy Equipment?

Heavy equipment is a good field to get into; the operation of heavy equipment is essential for laying the foundation of everything that is built on top of it. Without a good foundation, it really doesn’t matter how well a bridge or building is constructed because the shifting base will counteract that construction. Your career should be like that well-built bridge, built on a good foundation. For heavy equipment operation, training is the base of everything.

Build your career on the best foundation in the business, one that has a history you can research and results you can see. Associated Training Services (ATS) has that history and those results. Since 1959, we’ve been family-owned and operated with the motto of Quality, Integrity, & Pride – and that motto is taken seriously. It shows in the results, too — our graduates have been successful operators throughout the years. We have one customer base, our students, and that is who we focus on.

As the industry has changed, the type of operator needed for running the equipment has changed, and so has the training. We’ve kept up with the changes in our curriculum and equipment so our graduates continue to start their careers from the solid foundation they need. Green construction jobs require a workforce trained in new equipment, new initiatives, and new practices. With ATS, we’ve got that covered.

But the foundation is laid with more than hands-on training and knowledge standards. We provide career assistance. Our Career Services Department gives personal career counseling, soft skills training like resume and interview skills, and job leads with an exclusive website our graduates can always come back to.

The ATS foundation is solid – one your heavy equipment career can be built on to last a lifetime.

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