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Become A Bulldozer Operator And Join The Fire Department

Bulldozer operators are employed in a wide range of industries. While construction, particularly road building, is the major industry for bulldozer operators, experienced operators can also find work in areas as diverse as a state’s fire department. A news article from September last year really highlights the benefits many fire departments receive through employing bulldozer operators.

I should modify that – the real beneficiaries are those who have homes under threat of fire. The news story relates to the Cal Fire Department and the work the bulldozer operators did during the 2003 wildfires that threatened to burn the historic town of Julian. Working at night, with almost zero vision, bulldozer operators were able to clear the ground around many of the houses, thus preventing the fire from reaching them. To quote from the news article:

“These guys were on some really steep slopes getting in and around houses — I mean right up against the houses, clearing the vegetation back. We didn’t have the resources for fire trucks at the time and they were able to ring these houses, remove all the vegetation so the fire couldn’t get to these houses and saved a lot of them.”

It’s dangerous work. In fact, bulldozer operators have lost their lives while out fighting fires, yet their work is essential in saving homes, businesses, and sometimes the lives of others. It’s work that often goes unheralded as well so it’s great to see a news article that champions their existence within these fire departments.

Fire departments have to be selective when employing bulldozer operators. They require operators that are skilled, well versed in safety issues, and able to keep a level head when all around them is in chaos. While new operators would struggle to find employment in this area, undertaking a thorough bulldozer training program is the first step that could see you joining a fire department at some time in the future.

If you can see yourself one day working as a bulldozer operator for a fire department, do yourself a big favor – make sure your bulldozer operator training is delivered by the best in the business. With a good grounding, you’re ready to start work to gain the experience required to fulfill that ambition.

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