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The Freedom Of A Bulldozer Operator

Heavy equipment operators generally work as part of a larger team. However, bulldozer operators are often the one member of that larger team that have the freedom to work alone. While they need to work to set plans, they generally don’t require other heavy equipment to complete their task – that equipment generally takes over once a bulldozer has moved on.

For some freelance operators, working alone is what makes the job appealing. They can be hired to prepare a dam on a farm one day, be out bulldozing a road following winter’s snow damage another day, then out on a construction site preparing the ground for a new building. There is variety. There is often a real test of an operator’s knowledge of soils and vegetation, and that freedom that many crave.

Bulldozer operators learn many of their skills on the job. It takes experience to really gain an understanding of what soils will do under the power of a bulldozer’s blade, and they do react very differently. One of the components of any heavy equipment training program is a module that deals with soils and how to identify them. Sandy soils, for example, will fall back at the edges while real heavy clay soils can be peeled away – and that’s just a small observation of soils.

If the freedom of life as a bulldozer operator sounds appealing, then here’s an invitation to check out what heavy equipment training can offer you. You can be working as a bulldozer operator within a few weeks of starting your training and within months you’ll operating that bulldozer like an old hand.

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