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Bulldozers Put To The Test In Texas Wildfires

It seems that every year we report on wildfires somewhere across the country. More importantly, we report on the bulldozers and bulldozer operators that fight bravely alongside firefighters. The current fires in Texas are another example of bulldozers and bulldozer operators being called on to help fight fires. Other states are sending bulldozers and their operators to help out, providing a little relief for operators already in action, and being put to work in areas that are not already covered by bulldozers.

Bulldozers play an important role in brush fires, and we must include before, during and after in that role. In quiet times, bulldozer operators can often be found carving firebreaks and fire access trails throughout the nation. Turn on the television and you’ll see bulldozers helping to fight fires in a variety of ways – either clearing vegetation and other flammable material, or helping to cover smouldering material with dirt. The hardest work often comes after a serious fire when bulldozers are called in to to level homes that have been destroyed by fire – it can be tough leveling what was once someone’s home.

It takes a lot of skill and a lot of faith in your equipment to fight a wildfire. Equipment failure, or a wrong turn, can see you suddenly in the midst of burning inferno. Bulldozer operators that fight fires are generally those that are well skilled and who have had years of experience. The only way to gain that experience is by having a sound training platform to build on. That is one of the primary concerns of ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools. Our graduates leave our heavy equipment training schools with a good grounding in a range of equipment, with all graduates ready to build on those skills in the workplace.

While few operators are called upon to fight wildfires, having the skills and experience to do so is invaluable. If you have desire to become a bulldozer operator, or to operate heavy equipment in general, then be sure the training you receive provides that good platform to build on.

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