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ATS Can Travel To Your Site!

Did you know that Associated Training Services can travel and bring our top-rated Rigging/Signalperson Qualification and Certification Programs to the job site? It’s true, and it works very well for the specialized training your work crews might require for that site. ATS will train your work personnel using classroom and written curricula, including testing and practical instruction. Our training standards include:

Rigging/Signalperson Qualification Program

  • Designed to meet all OSHA qualification standards
  • Written curriculum and testing
  • Practical training and exam
  • A minimum of 8 hours of rigging/signalperson instruction
  • Up to 12 hours of rigging/signalperson instruction
  • Every student is issued a qualification compliance card by ATS after completing the course

Rigging/Signalperson Certification Program

  • We exceed the OSHA qualification standard for rigging/signalperson training
  • Students receive written tests to match in-class curriculum
  • Students are administered practical training followed by practical examinations
  • 4 days of training includes 32-36 hours of training
  • Students receive NCCCO Rigging Level One as well as NCCCO Signalperson Certifications after successfully completing the training

This is a great way to ensure that your worksite meets the requirements of OSHA. It’s also a great way to get everybody on the same page for procedures and standards. With the spring construction season, the demands for rigging and signalpersons who are able to meet NCCCO standards will just keep growing faster than the grass sprouting everywhere.

Associated Training Services has been providing heavy equipment operator training for a long time, and our Rigging/Signalperson Qualification and Certification Programs are part of our tradition. Nobody should be operating heavy equipment without the appropriate safety standards, and the person doing the rigging and signaling is an essential part of those safety standards. Keep your crews safe by providing the training they need and make it happen by letting ATS travel to your site for custom training.

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