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Heavy Equipment On TV show?

Have you seen that reality TV show, Railroad Alaska? Anyone interested in heavy equipment will be fascinated by the portrayal of all the big machines that are needed to keep the railroad functional. And it’s true that for many folks, the railroad is the lifeline of communication through the wilderness. Of course, the directors seem to think that “human drama” is what sells the show, but I bet a lot of viewers watch because they love watching big machinery get a job done right. Who wouldn’t want to watch a cannon blast an avalanche loose so the excavator can move it off the tracks?

The show demonstrates something that many often miss; it takes a lot of different types of machinery to do things. In this case, a railroad is more than trains. Businesses often rely on more types of heavy equipment than most people realize.  This is why ATS offers Specialized Training.

We can come to your site or you can come to our training site and get training, testing, qualification, certification, and even licensing in the exact area it needed for the equipment you use. It will be OSHA compliant and meet NCCCO and NCCER standards. We know the industry because we’ve been in operation since 1959, but we haven’t stagnated. We’ve strengthened.

Customized training and specialized curricula are part of our strengths:

  • we can train your employees for the work you do with the heavy equipment you use
  • we can meet regulatory, insurance, and safety requirements 
  • we can help you be productive and profitable

That Railroad Alaska TV show is a showcase for the need to train heavy equipment operators expertly so they can do an important job safely and well. If those guys didn’t know what they were doing, it’d be terrible.

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