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Are Heavy Equipment Safety Problems Avoidable?

Every year an astonishing number of workers are killed or injured in the workplace. Some of these accidents involve heavy equipment. It is my belief that all or almost all heavy equipment safety problems can be avoided. It is rare for heavy equipment safety problems to occur as a result of mechanical error. The vast majority of accidents involving heavy equipment are a result of human error which means that they can be avoided.

The key to heavy equipment safety is a strong, established set of occupational health and safety standards. Those responsible for OHS need to have a tough no nonsense approach to their job. Workers do not set out to be injured at work, but they will cut a few safety corners to get a job done quickly. Supervisors and managers might turn a blind eye to such behavior as they believe it to be in the company’s best interests to get the job done faster. While it is in the company’s best interests to meet or beat deadlines, it should not be done so at the expense of worker safety. Accidents and injuries can result in civil litigation, criminal litigation and worker’s compensation claims.

Do not take heavy equipment safety lightly. As a heavy equipment operator, whether you like it or not, you are in a position of responsibility. Other workers on the job site depend on your ability to operate your heavy equipment safely. Lives and careers are in your hands. At Associated Training Services we incorporate heavy equipment safety into our training curriculum. We want to do our part in keeping avoidable workplace accidents to a minimum. contact us if you have any questions relating to heavy equipment safety training.

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