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2009 – The Year For Heavy Equipment Operators

2009 will be an interesting year for everyone. There has been so much doom and gloom on the financial markets that most people are looking to tighten their belts and hang on to their money. The various governments on the other hand are looking to open their wallets and spend up big, and they all hope we do the same. What’s in store for heavy equipment operators then if money is tight?

Employment prospects for heavy equipment operators are good. In fact you may even find there is a shortage of operators in some sectors. Truck drivers are always in heavy demand. We all eat and we all buy the basic necessities. In fact some areas of consumer spending will increase as we all decide to stay at home to eat and play.

Whilst home construction may fall in 2009, the reality is that there is not a huge call for heavy equipment operators. Sure, bulldozers may come in and level a building site, but on housing estates, that has often been done years in advance. Excavators, particularly the mini kind may find a small downturn. They are often employed to dig the trenches for service connections.

The real demand for heavy equipment operators is in the road building, mining, forestry and large building construction sectors. These will all see a rise in demand for operators. Roads are one area that governments throw money at when they want to spend.

With the price of commodities on the rise, the employment prospects for heavy equipment operators in mines will increase. The large building construction sector will also see a rise in demand for operators as again governments build new hospitals and schools.

2009 will be a good year for trained and qualified heavy equipment operators. If your thinking of taking up a career as a heavy equipment operator then enroll today. This is the last opportunity to take advantage of our training discount. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools start new training programs on a regular basis. Get in now and take advantage of the employment prospects for 2009.

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