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Graders The Most Popular Municipal Vehicle

Friday, March 25th, 2011

One of the most popular vehicles in any municipal fleet is the grader – or should I say graders. This is especially so in northern regions where winter snow is an annual occurrence. Graders aren’t as versatile as many other vehicles in the heavy equipment department, but they are certainly the best machinery when it comes to snow and snow damage.

If you ever drive through mountainous country, especially some of the county backroads, one feature will stand out – there are a lot of sections that are made using gravel. There’s a good reason for this – gravel allows free drainage of water, doesn’t get muddy, and vehicles rarely get bogged down in it.

Winter snow and ice can do a lot of damage to roads, however, once the thaw sets in, gravel roads can be returned to full use fairly quickly by just having a grader level them out again. In winter, those same graders will be seen working as snow plows to clear the roads of snow and ice.

Learning to become a grader operator requires two steps. The first step is to develop a basic set of skills through heavy equipment training. That enables you to take the second step, and that is to refine your skills on the job. Some careers require years of study before you are competent to begin work. Grader operators only require a couple of weeks of heavy equipment training. However, it then takes years to hone those skills with every job teaching you something new.

If your local region suffers from regular snow and ice in winter, then graders are most likely the most popular vehicle in your county’s fleet. In fact, they are probably out right now repairing roads damaged from winter snows.

Graders – The Heavy Equipment Sculptors

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Heavy equipment is often thought of as being strong tough machinery that is used to power through dirt and rock. In most cases it is. The bulldozer’s main claim to fame is its brute strength when it comes to pushing dirt around. Excavators are renown for their ability to dig trenches in the toughest conditions. Graders, on the other hand, while tough and powerful, are also known for their ability to sculpt the ground under them – and it’s that ability that we rely on for most of our roads and highways.

I marvel at today’s graders. With the use of computer-aided technology, a grader can be finely set to grade the ground under them to precise measurements. This includes both height and angles – or grades. If you regularly drive the highways, especially when it’s raining, you’ll notice the water running off the road easily and quickly. This is because of the very slight slope or grade given to the highway – and it’s all the work of a grader.

There are other areas where you will notice the effect without understanding why. Sweeping bends on highways, especially those that have to wind their way around hills or mountains, all have a slope, known as a camber, that is designed to help the car ‘stick’ to the road rather than trying to veer off. Engineers can determine the precise angle needed, and graders can prepare the road to those precise measurements.

You can learn to become a grader operator in just a few short weeks. Heavy equipment training programs will have you trained and ready for entry level work in next to no time at all. At ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools, we’ll even work with you to try and find you that first job. Grader operators, they don’t power through the ground – they gently sculpt that ground.

Motor Graders’ Popular Choice For Snow Removal

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

At this time of year local authorities are busy ensuring their snow removal equipment is up to scratch and ready to roll. They will also be looking to ensure they have an adequate supply of trained operators for their equipment. Motor graders are becoming a popular choice for this job for a number of reasons. First, the equipment itself is not just for snow removal. In the spring, summer, and fall they can be employed doing a range of jobs. The second reason is related – they don’t require operators that specialize in snow removal equipment – if you can operate a grader, you can move snow.

For operators, of course, this is a real bonus. When winter closes in and general construction starts to close down for the winter, grader operators will find that their services are still in demand. This means they get to stay home for the winter; they don’t need to travel to warmer regions looking for work. Of course, for many areas, snow removal is essential or the whole region grinds to halt – this makes these positions highly important and well respected.

Grader operator training is a three-week course that combines both in the operator’s seat training and classroom training. Training in safety, maintenance, laser levels, and site plans is also included, however, it’s the in-the-seat training that makes you a real operator, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities for that if you undertake your training through ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools.

Winter may be on our doorstep, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t work around for grader operators. If there’s snow, then there will most likely be graders out there shifting that snow – you could operate one of them!

How To Become A Sought-After Grader Operator

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Developing a career as a successful and sought-after grader operator is a long term project. When I say long term, you are looking at two-plus years to reach a standard where employers will come to you seeking your services. In the meanwhile, you are the one that will be chasing employers looking for work. That’s not a problem since that is the situation with most careers – still, it’s nice to have employers chasing you instead. So what do you need to do to become a sought-after grader operator?

There are several key areas that you need to consider. Naturally, the first is that of grader operator training. You need to be trained by experts in the field, experts that will teach you good habits rather than bad, and experts that can give you a thorough grounding in how to maintain and operate a motor grader in a variety of situations.

The second area that requires consideration is that of experience and skills development. This may require a variety of employers over a period time, depending on what each employer has to offer. What you are looking to do is to develop your skills across a wide variety of terrains and working conditions until you become highly proficient in each.

Finally, there are those personal traits that round out an operator’s attractiveness. Personal traits such as leadership, attention to detail, teamwork, flexibility, and above all else, reliability, are key to your future success. Let’s face it, you could be the world’s best grader operator, but if you’re unreliable, what good are you to anyone? The same could be said for an individual who can’t work as part of a team – their skills count for nothing in the finish.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools can provide the skills foundation required to gain a start in the industry. We can even provide assistance to gain that start. Whether or not you succeed of course will then depend on whether or not you’re prepared to learn and whether or not you have those personality traits that employers are looking for. If you have those traits and are willing to continue learning everyday you’re at work then career as a grader operator could be yours. Contact us now and take that first step to becoming a much sought-after grader operator – and by the way, the paycheck’s pretty good too.

Graders Leave A Permanent Mark On Society

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Some people love them, some people hate them, but without a doubt our highways make traveling long distances quicker and easier. Every single highway had, at some stage, a grader or two working to prepare the way for the seal. In fact, graders have made the job of road building so much easier.

What most lay people don’t realize is that the grader is the one machine most responsible for ensuring our roads are flat and built at the right slope. This is important for water control in the wet (the water needs to be able to drain away quickly rather than just lie there) and for general road safety. Cambers on corners help to keep the car on the road.

Engineers of course have the task of designing our roads, designing the slopes and cambers, but it is the grader that is employed to deliver the results – all based on the plans put together by engineers. Grader operator training therefore needs to include training on how to read plans, and how to read soil types if the operator is going to be effective in their job.

At ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools we don’t just teach how to drive a grader, you are also trained on other aspects including reading plans, understanding soil types, workplace safety and basic maintenance procedures. As a graduate, you will have good general knowledge of your equipment and, of course, the skills required to actually operate the equipment.

Do you want to leave a permanent mark on society in one of the most helpful ways? Consider becoming a grader operator. Training only requires three weeks of your time and then you’re ready to hit the road!

Surviving As A Successful Grader Operator

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

As we improve the technology of modern heavy earthmoving equipment the skills of operators are becoming more refined. This is especially true of grader operators who have laser and GPS technology to deal with. Add to this the introduction of computerized controls and the machinery now, although looking similar to those of yesterday, can be far different to operate.

The key to surviving as a grader operator is the quality of the training you receive. Grader operator training shouldn’t just rely on how to operate the controls. That is only one component of the job. These days, a good grader operator can read plans, is able to identify different soil types and how they react when worked, and have a thorough understanding of workplace safety. Soil types is one area where training can provide the basics, but it is only through experience that you can build a thorough understanding of the topic.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools doesn’t just train to the basic operator skills. We include plan reading, soils, safety and general equipment maintenance – all the skills that employers now require of their operators. Of course, we also include hands on use of the equipment; grader operator training wouldn’t be training without it.

Our graduates are well respected within the industry so gaining useful employment after your training is not a big issue. If you are interested in a career as a grader operator, consider enrolling in our heavy equipment training program. You can be on your way to a successful career as a grader operator in as little as three weeks.

* Associated Training Services fully endorses the national certification program offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), and will prepare candidates for the CCO certification examinations.

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